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But the plan is to show you that I understand. You are appreciated. Afeni Shakur listens to that song often these days, at home in the house her son bought for her in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

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Fuck Friendz. My ghetto love song, ha ha ha, let's be friends Where my niggas at? Where my niggas where my bitches?

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Ha ha ha Remember me? I'm your homie that was down to brawl Sippin' Hennessy, hangin' with the clowns, and all We used to do is drink brew, screw and common knew We had bitches by the dozens, we fuckin' cousins You can throw your middle finger if you feel me, loc A nigga just got paid and we still was broke It took time, but finally the cash was mine All the rewards of a hustler stuck in the grind Look around, and all I see is snakes and fakes It's like scavengers, waitin' to take a hustler's place And when you stuck, where the fuck is all your friends?

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Where my niggaz at? Where my niggaz where my bitches? Where my bitches at? Throw your hands in the air Everybody just throw your hands in the air Let's be friends.

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Twenty years ago, as Tupac Shakur lay bleeding to death in the arms of Chris Carroll, a Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer, Carroll pressed him for information on who he thought shot him. At first, the legendary rapper ignored the questions, fighting just to keep breathing. Throughout his short life, Tupac embodied the ethic of his last words.

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Tekst piosenki 2Pac : Fuck friends. Where my niggaz at? Where my niggaz where my bitches?

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The Notorious B. When 2Pac was born, his mother was out on bail while awaiting trial. The state of New York accused her of conspiring to murder police officers and dynamite five midtown department stores, a police precinct, six railroad rights of way, and the New York Botanical Gardens.

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Bad Boy Killaz That's right bitch, fuck 'em all Hahaha yeah nigga, fuck 'em all That's right bitch, fuck 'em all Fuck all you muthafuckers Ayyo Biggie Put your hands up [Verse One: 2Pac] Now I can make it happen My rappin' is similar to muthafuckers when they scrappin' Blast and watch em' back up Notorious biggie killer, affiliation with death row Niggaz get their caps pealed back, fool this the west coast Fuck ah misdemeanor I'm raisin hell like felonies Mr. Cause they'll never stop us I watch Arnold Swarchzenegger bust somebody in the movie Now I want to do it too Ohh, ohh niggaz is too through True to the game I claim Outlaw riders We give a fuck what they try I'm. That's what my nine do [Kastro] I keep my mind on my money And my money on my mind With my back against the wall Like I'm runnin' outta time Even rap with a gat I must be goin' out my mind Like I'm up against the world This guerilla team of mine Screamin' Thug Life bitch, fuck 'em all That's right bitch, fuck 'em all And die for em' Even if them the last nigga left I'ma ride for em' Feel me? Coup de coeur.

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A new interview with the Las Vegas police officer who was first on the scene when Tupac Shakur was fatally shot outside the MGM Grand in alleges that the year-old rapper's last words were a kiss-off to the cop. Top 10 Tupac Shakur Tributes. Chris Carroll, who retired from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department inwas a bike-patrol officer working a night shift on the evening of Sept.

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Top definition. Based on the principles of Hidden Number Theory's Cobain cipher'2pac' is a cryptogram of the letters a, b, c and z. A passionate social activist with expressive lyrics who knew how to appeal to people with his revolutionary views.


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